Upcoming Events

Past Events

WAIFI 2014

September 27- 28, 2014

A Special Conference
"Open Problems in MCS"

September 18-20, 2013
Sait Halim Pasha, İstanbul.

CryptoDays 2013

13-15 June 2013 TÜSSİDE, Gebze.

Summer School: Selected Topics in Massive Data Management

July 01-04, 2013, TÜSSİDE, Gebze.

Cryptology Summer School


MCS Labs Overview

MCS Labs is an organization of research labs at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, concentrated on mathematical and computational aspects of modern technologies that answer to people’s needs including, health, security, education, entertainment, and

MCS Labs is dedicated to the advancement and communication of fundamental knowledge, to the development of human capital for the growth and use of such knowledge, to the cultivation, awareness, and appreciation of the beauty of mathematical and computational sciences.

MCS Labs does not separate application-oriented research from the pursuit of knowledge to understand the world and the universe.

We believe all knowledge is essential, universal and interconnected.

MCS Labs

  • Promotes an open and collaborative research environment,
  • Performs research and education hand in hand,
  • Defines research fields and boundaries for research,
  • Concentrates on research fields with short-to-medium term applications,
  • Invests in human capital & encourages research in early age,
  • Encourages publishing and sharing research,
  • Protects intellectual property in appropriate contexts,
  • Cultivates learning by organizing seminars, conferences, and courses,
  • Collaborates with local and global universities and research centers,
  • Supports permanent staff members and visiting researchers.